The Day We Realised The World Was An Oyster

Funded by the Arts Council of Wales, ‘The Day We Realised The World Was An Oyster’ saw Chloe Loftus Dance collaborate with the Welsh School of Architecture in the design and build of a 4-metre geodesic dome for the set for this spectacular performance. The show toured the UK to critical acclaim and was nominated for a Theatre Critics of Wales Award for Best Small Scale Dance Production, 2013. Here’s a short teaser of the piece.

This design is incredibly unique! If you’re inspired with an idea for a project that could incorporate the structure do please get in touch with Chloe. It would be great to collaborate, reinvent and bring the dome back to life!

“Breath-taking” Theatre Wales Review, 2013

“Night had fallen and we had watched a gem-star shine and captivate us all. The success of a work of performance art, of any art for that matter, emerges from the sincerity of the artist and the human truth it reveals. Chloe Loftus’ commitment to her art form is both very true and very human.” Theatre Wales Review, 2013

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