Chloe Loftus was awarded Arts Council of Wales funding to carry out a research and development project for ‘Pine’. Supported by Chapter Arts Centre, the project is inspired by the lack of communication present in today’s busy society, what George Monbiot (Guardian writer) describes as ‘The Age of Loneliness‘. The set, developed by designer Saz Moir, features three identically sized rooms representative of a generic block of urban flats and it houses three tenants. The rooms are without walls, encouraging audience’s voyeuristic nature as they are free to promenade around this unusual set, watching the lives and action unfold within. This gallery installation type effect created beautiful moments of synchronicity and symmetry. Themes of public vs. private, isolation and connection are explored.

Chloe Loftus Dance is currently developing the work with the aim for it to become a full-length production. The hope is for the work to be engaging, thought-provoking and playful.
If you are interested in supporting the development of Pine please contact


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