‘Interface’ is a vibrant new collaborative project. Cloaked vertical (aerial) dance performers ascend out of the darkness to a backdrop of Lakshman Anandanayagam projection mapped animation, accompanied by a driving sound score created by Peter Hobbs. ‘Interface’ is a technicolour dystopian visual feast that creates a performance spectacle for all audiences.

First commissioned for and premiered at Queenstown’s LUMA festival in 2022, this project places collaboration at its heart, with the spectacular results of bringing together three experienced artists from different genres. Inspired by a technological take over with neon lights akin to Tokyo or New York, but with a dark sci-fi edginess. Wall dancers are human animations, stealthily navigating augmented reality, tech glitches and system breakdowns.

If you’re after a technicolour dystopian futuristic visual feast for your event, this is what you’re after! Contact Chloe Loftus. from CREATURE on Vimeo.

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